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TimmyHatTimmy Woods is a globally renowned premiere handbag designer whose custom and one-of-a-kind wooden and leather handbags have been showcased internationally on television, in print, in select online stores both major and boutique, and on runways and red carpets. Timmy Woods designer handbags have gained extreme popularity and acclaim in the fashion world, as well as on many programs, including the Jupiter Shop Channel in Japan, TVSN Australia, HSN, QVC USA, and the Thai Home Shopping Network, to name a few. When it comes to designing personalized unique handbags, Timmy has become a preeminent fashion pioneer and a household name – Timmy’s designs have been worn or shown in many fashion spreads, red carpet events and galas, as well as at many Hollywood premieres. Timmy has a design for everyone, from affordable fashion accessories, to impressive one-of-a-kind Swarovski crystal-studded gems like the White House handbag!

While growing up in Beverly Hills (Hollywood’s most influential playground, according to Timmy), Timmy was influenced by the glamour of high fashion in cinema; the fashion moguls who created the Hollywood dream became her idols. The Hollywood environment in which she was raised stimulated her passion for designing and learning about all the different cultures the world has to offer. Timmy’s formative years exposed her to foreign cultures via the cinema, paving the way for a passionate and exciting international career that not only continues to inspire other designers, but also enables her to help other people.

Though Timmy Woods designs are constructed from the precious woods of the Acacia tree, Timmy believes in conservation, and so she sources her materials solely from fallen Acacia trees, and repurposes them into mini-masterpieces of wearable art that become her signature handbags. Wood from the Acacia is very light, yet durable and strong, making a fantastic material for shaping and carving, while at the same time keeping Timmy Woods designer handbags owners light on their feet.

A few of her most iconic designs that wow crowds at shows and events include: the musically inspired Red Piano, which is a heartfelt dedication to the wonderful music of Elton John; White House, a brand-new Swarovski crystal-studded standout inspired by the heated 2016 race for President; and her Eiffel Tower series, inspired by the romanticism of Paris and still one of her best sellers.

Timmy’s knowledge of the history of fashion and art is exemplified in the Roy Lichtenstein pop-art inspired handbag Fries. The 2016 Americana collection expresses Timmy’s love for America and the freedom it represents. Other designs showcase an American flag with a French flag on the reverse side, Donkey and Elephant hugging (Bipartisan theme), oversized Lipstick and Luscious Lips.

Some fashionistas seen wearing Timmy Woods designer handbags include Sarah Jessica Parker, Meghan Trainor, Miley Cyrus, Heidi Klum, all still-living First Ladies, and certain wives of foreign dignitaries.

Timmy is very thankful every day for her wonderful kids, her health and her dedicated and supportive family and loyal customers.
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