About Us

Timmy Woods is a world-renown high fashion handbag designer.  Her handbags have been worn by every segment of society including First Ladies in the White House, celebrities on countless Red Carpets and featured in media, including TV, movies and print worldwide.

Your attention is arrested and focused; your senses are sharpened and directed to the unique eye-catching Timmy Woods accessory. Whether its Heidi Klum posing with a vintage Timmy Woods   handbag in Vogue, pop star Meghan Trainor pouting holding a Timmy Woods lips handbag at the American Music Awards, or iconically film and TV star Sarah Jessica Parker acting with a Timmy Woods Eiffel Tower shaped handbag draped over her shoulder, the indelible memorable fashion statement has been etched.

Timmy was born and bred in tony Beverly Hills and greatly influenced by the glamour she witnessed by the famous individuals she saw in cinema and often living in her town.  All this entertainment often reflecting cultures from around the world combined with the Hollywood environment she was raised in stimulated her passion for design and directly her to a successful and fulfilling international career.